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Optimize your health and healing by harmonizing with
the natural rhythms within and around you.

I struggled with sinus and digestive issues throughout my childhood and early adulthood. Rarely did I feel energized after eating. My digestion often felt bogged down and sluggish. I was bloated, overweight and uncomfortable in my body. My sinuses were chronically congested. A sense of heaviness pervaded my body and mind. I was dependent on medication to mitigate my symptoms.

In 2001, I met Ayurveda and found the understanding and approach I needed to identify the root cause of my health challenges and begin to heal. Through adopting a diet and lifestyle in tune with the seasons and my body type, my sinus issues have resolved. My mind is clear and easily focused. My digestion is easy and I feel at home in my body.

My transformation inspired me to study Ayurveda to be able to empower others to achieve optimum health. I currently teach and practice Ayurveda in the Asbury Park community and online. Please allow me to share the wisdom of the oldest system of healing with you. You deserve to feel great!


Whether you are dealing with a chronic illness or simply want to remain healthy – Ayurveda can help! Its integrative approach emphasizes self awareness and harmonizing with nature through diet and lifestyle.

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Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences. Traditionally, both are practiced together to maximize the benefits of each.

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