About Kimberly


Whether you are dealing with a chronic illness or simply want to remain healthy – I can help!

I am an Ayurvedic educator, consultant and health coach specializing in digestive health. I am registered as an Ayurvedic Practitioner with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and as an Ayurvedic Food & Nutrition Consultant with the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America.

I am a writer and editor for Joyful Belly Ayurveda, teach for their Mastering Ayurvedic Digestion & Nutrition and Ayurveda Health Counselor certification programs and administer several other e-courses. I completed my initial Ayurvedic training with Dr. Vasant Lad and then went on to study Ayurvedic Nutrition with Amadea Morningstar and hormonal health with Dr. Claudia Welch. I have continued on to an advanced study of Ayurveda with several Ayurvedic doctors and professors in India. 

I also have a background in Western herbalism and energy healing. I am a certified yoga teacher and student of Rod Stryker’s Parayoga as well as a certified qigong teacher through the MogaDao Institute

I graduated with honors from Rutgers University with a double major in Sociology and Human Ecology. I spent years working in social services and mental health, supporting people in helping themselves.

I began my career in Ayurveda to empower others in maintaining health and recovering from illness. After using Ayurveda to heal from chronic sinus and digestive issues, I experienced radically improved well being through applying simple techniques to balance my conditions. I aim to equip clients with the knowledge and techniques they need to feel great.

My unique approach enables clients to intimately understand their own bodies. By gaining insight into subtle bodily cues and a sense of whole body awareness, clients are able to prevent disease, promote healing and support well being with ease.

I currently offer one on one Ayurvedic Consultations out of The Zen Den Center of New Jersey and Kur Wellness Studios as well as via Skype. I also offer private yoga instruction in the community surrounding Asbury Park.

“I initially met with Kimberly to receive dietary support during a very stressful time in my life. I was unsure at first what an Ayurvedic Consultant was and how she might help me, but within minutes of meeting with Kimberly I could feel her skill in understanding the many layers of what was happening in my life, combined with a profound lack of judgment, and I was instantly at ease.

Over an 8-month period, Kimberly helped me to gradually and joyfully make some key dietary and lifestyle changes that greatly improved my health and well-being, changes which are still part of my life two years later!

She has a knack for demystifying the ancient (yet still very applicable) science and art of Ayurveda, and taught me to make ghee (clarified butter) and kitchari (a nourishing dal), which have become weekly rituals that I very much enjoy. It is rare to meet someone with her combination of intuition, sensitivity, experience, and knowledge.

I highly recommend working with Kimberly.”

– Corva Rose, Former Client

“When I first began private yoga with Kimberly I struggled with digestive issues, anxiety and insomnia. I threw up almost daily due to indigestion and stress. Doctors had exhausted all testing without being able to diagnose me and the medications they prescribed brought little relief. Kimberly’s gentle yet directed approach began to alleviate my symptoms immediately. Over the course of 2 years of working with her on a weekly basis, I can honestly say I’m a new person. I rarely experience nausea. My anxiety is under control and I sleep soundly. Our weekly yoga sessions got me through my last 2 years of college and I am now embarking on my next phase of life with a calm confidence I never thought possible. Kimberly is an awesome yoga teacher!”

– Emily A., Former Client

“Kimberly Kubicke is a highly dedicated and motivated practitioner. Anyone would be fortunate to have her compassionate company and counsel as part of their health care team.”

– Dr. Claudia Welch


Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ – 1999

BA Human Ecology & Sociology

The Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, NM – 2013

Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant, Certified Ayuryoga Teacher

Ayurveda, Polarity Therapy & Yoga Institute, Sante Fe, NM – 2015

Ayurveda Self Care Educator Levels 1, 2 & 3

Joyful Belly Ayurveda – 2016

Mastering Ayurvedic Digestion & Nutrition 500 hour Certification Program

Parayoga Master Training, Carbondale, CO – 2014 – present

Graduate level yoga, tantra, pranayama, mantra & meditation studies

MogaDao Institute, Santa Fe, NM – 2013 – present

Qigong, yoga, Chinese medicine, Daoism, meditation & Kung Fu studies

Shanti Collective School of Energy Healing & Self Transformation,
Asheville, NC – 2010-2012

Herbalism, energy healing, Ayurveda & yoga

The Mediation Center, Asheville, NC – May 2006

Community Mediation Training

Community Outreach, Inc., Corvallis, OR – 1999

Crisis Line Worker Training

School for International Training: Natural & Cultural Ecology

Cairns, Australia – Fall 1997